Source code for numcodecs.registry

"""The registry module provides some simple convenience functions to enable
applications to dynamically register and look-up codec classes."""

codec_registry = dict()

[docs]def get_codec(config): """Obtain a codec for the given configuration. Parameters ---------- config : dict-like Configuration object. Returns ------- codec : Codec Examples -------- >>> import numcodecs as codecs >>> codec = codecs.get_codec(dict(id='zlib', level=1)) >>> codec Zlib(level=1) """ config = dict(config) codec_id = config.pop('id', None) cls = codec_registry.get(codec_id, None) if cls is None: raise ValueError('codec not available: %r' % codec_id) return cls.from_config(config)
[docs]def register_codec(cls, codec_id=None): """Register a codec class. Parameters ---------- cls : Codec class Notes ----- This function maintains a mapping from codec identifiers to codec classes. When a codec class is registered, it will replace any class previously registered under the same codec identifier, if present. """ if codec_id is None: codec_id = cls.codec_id codec_registry[codec_id] = cls