Source code for numcodecs.bz2

import bz2 as _bz2

from import Codec
from numcodecs.compat import ndarray_copy, ensure_contiguous_ndarray

[docs]class BZ2(Codec): """Codec providing compression using bzip2 via the Python standard library. Parameters ---------- level : int Compression level. """ codec_id = 'bz2' def __init__(self, level=1): self.level = level
[docs] def encode(self, buf): # normalise input buf = ensure_contiguous_ndarray(buf) # do compression return _bz2.compress(buf, self.level)
# noinspection PyMethodMayBeStatic
[docs] def decode(self, buf, out=None): # normalise inputs buf = ensure_contiguous_ndarray(buf) if out is not None: out = ensure_contiguous_ndarray(out) # N.B., bz2 cannot handle ndarray directly because of truth testing issues buf = memoryview(buf) # do decompression dec = _bz2.decompress(buf) # handle destination - Python standard library bz2 module does not # support direct decompression into buffer, so we have to copy into # out if given return ndarray_copy(dec, out)